Kirisame Ga Furu Mori chapter 9

I’m finally done with the 9th chapter of Kirisame ga Furu Mori. Hopefully updates will be back to their usual pace now that summer has finally arrived. Two other projects in the works are a scanlation of a supernatual-ish detective manga called Dokushi and the GBA game Bomberman Jetters (worry not! Someone else is holding my feet to the fire at least on that project!)


Spring has sprung? Please?

It was a nice spring day today, at least for a little while (it went from being upper 70’s with a clear blue sky to dark and gloomy lower 40’s over the course of about 45 minutes). And with our wishy-washy Maybe Spring has come the return of perennial flowers! And just in time, too. I was just about ready to go hang out in the houseplant section of the hardware store just to see something green and alive.


Catmint Walker’s Blue.


Some random clearance bin bee balm


Happy Returns daylily.

A quick update

The next chapter of Kirisame Ga Furu Mori is up on Batoto. This finishes up volume 2. This one took  little longer than usual because I was busy failing exams and being distracted by a fun looking one-shot called Skyclaw. Hopefully I’ll be done with that one in a few days, and we’ll be back to our usual weekly-ish release schedule.

We had a little visitor at the garden center today!


He seemed especially happy with the new shipment of Butterfly Weed (Asclepias tuberosa) that we got over the week. Apparently that stuff does exactly what it says on the tin.