Quick update for Ghost’s Story

I solved the problem I was having with the music and uploaded the new version of Ghost’s Story to Gamejolt. I’ll update the Ichi.io version after the contest if I can, but in the meantime the Gamejolt version is the better version.


And now for something completely different.

Things have been a little bit slow on the translating side of things this month, but for once it’s not because I’m a lazy slug. I was working on an entry for the 2017 IGMC, Ghost’s Story . I did experience some technical difficulties at the end, so this version of the game has no music. I’ll release a version 2 with the music restored once the sight of RPG Maker doesn’t make me want to rip my hair out. Check out the game, and enjoy a hearty laugh at my attempts to portray humans talking to each other.

Spring has sprung? Please?

It was a nice spring day today, at least for a little while (it went from being upper 70’s with a clear blue sky to dark and gloomy lower 40’s over the course of about 45 minutes). And with our wishy-washy Maybe Spring has come the return of perennial flowers! And just in time, too. I was just about ready to go hang out in the houseplant section of the hardware store just to see something green and alive.


Catmint Walker’s Blue.


Some random clearance bin bee balm


Happy Returns daylily.